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‘Nera, calm down already!’ These words have been following me my whole life. I heard them all the time – from my parents, my friends, and now from my husband when I make him get up early in the morning on Sunday to ride a bike, go hiking in the mountains or to have breakfast in one of our favourite cafes. I have always had a lot of energy and a strong ambition to achieve the best results. I grew up in a loving and creative family, where style and beauty were more than simple words. My mum is an artist, and I have always wanted to draw, but she made me dance. After I achieved everything my parents dreamt about, I happily left the stage.

A new part in my life started – it was UNESCO. A priceless school of life, where I learnt to negotiate, had a chance to travel, hold my own and become the president of a club. I was so inspired by UNESCO’s activities, so choosing my future career was quite easy. Politics, foreign languages, international relations, countries – I did think I was meant to do this. Now I understand that my whole life my inner voice tried to get me back to the creative path, but I didn’t seem to hear it.  

It took me some time to understand that planning something is useless.

Life gives us surprises, whether we wait for them or not. We have to rethink our priorities. In my life, I also had to make a choice. In university, I met an amazing Australian guy, who immediately became a part of my life. After dating for two years, he asked me to become his wife. At the same time, I got an offer to work in Europe. However, the choice was quite easy to make.

Weddings have always been special to me.

I have been planning to create a strong and successful wedding team for a while. The reason for that was my own wedding, which I had to plan just in four months – in Hobart. Without my family, friends, and with a full-time job. I perfectly knew that I wouldn’t cope without a wedding planner, because I respected myself, I valued my time and I wanted a quality event for our relatives and close friends. After tiring research, I realized that even though there are many wedding planners in Tasmania, I would not trust my wedding to anyone else. ‘Difficult’ is not the right word to describe what I have gone through.

I know what happens to many brides, and this isn’t right.

The bride has to enjoy her engagement, planning a wedding and talking to friends, not to surf the internet trying to find the best contractors, stylistic options, prices, places etc.

Say, you decided to plan your wedding yourself. You found a perfect place for the ceremony, reception and all the contractors. Everything seems to be perfectly under control. Now you have to create the most important thing – a timetable. If you don’t forget about it, of course. I can’t remember any bride who could set the right timing for her wedding day, and there is nothing surprising about it. They all had a wedding for the first time, and they didn’t have any idea how much time would a stylist’s work take, how much time must go to the ceremony and receptions, what kind of crisis might happen.

Imagine you have a wedding today.

The ceremony starts in a couple of hours, while you only have a make-up on your right eye, your friend Alan was supposed to deliver the champagne in the morning, but he is late. Moreover, your laptop battery is uncharged, so you don’t even have any music. You get nervous from all the endless questions. ‘Where is the champagne?’. ‘Can we wait for aunt Ann 5 more minutes?’. ‘Where is this?’. ‘Where is that?’.

Unqualified staff, lack of planning, demanding guests and a huge sense of responsibility. That’s what you’ll face. Chaos. But you will hope that everything looks different in the pictures.


Nothing creative. No united style, which you get when all the decorators, photographers, stylists and other contractors follow the same concept and colour range. When the stylist chooses your dress, your shoes, your accessories, your hairdo and your make-up – all in the same style. When the decorators think about every detail – from your bouquet to reception napkins. When photographers and videographer choose the perfect places for shooting and know what to do.

This only can happen if they work as a team and if the planner controls everything. All the time.



We know how much people nowadays value their time. We will try to understand all your wishes and your vision on the very first meeting. We get along both with brides and grooms, so we’ll create a budget immediately.

Then we get to the most interesting yet difficult part – the concept of your wedding. We will offer a few colourful and stylish options just for your couple. After that, we create the sketches. As a result, all the accessories will be in harmony and express your personality. Your wedding will be created in a united style: the decorations, the reception, bride and groom’s appearance, printing, photoshoots and filming.  

At the same time, we choose a place, which is one of the most important tasks. After that we look for other contractors. We only work with the best people in wedding industry, so you don’t have to worry about their professionalism, equipment or experience.

In order not to waste the time, we schedule an appointment with a stylist. The stylist schedules the outfits and accessories picking both for the bride and the groom. While shopping for outfits the stylist won’t leave you for a second and they will prevent you from spontaneous purchases. Your wedding dress must fit perfectly, show off your best sides and fit in the style of the wedding. When the outfits are chosen, we move to the nicest stage – trial outfits for the bride and the groom. Our stylist will find the perfect hairdo and make-up for you, and they will find the suitable make-up for the groom too, if necessary.

After we choose the contractors, all the most important work gets started – creating wedding printing, writing wedding invitations, choosing flowers for the bouquet, choosing places for photoshooting and a lot of other important details. All the details matter since they create a mood for the wedding.  




In order to be confident about the wedding, we always have a rehearsal wedding. If there are any hitches, we have the time to fix them.

While planning your wedding, you will get your personal wedding manager who is available all day long. You can call them all the time and ask them anything. They will become your best friend in the wedding preparations. On your wedding day you will have a suitable amount of coordinators based on the amount of guests you have attending.

We are entirely in control of your wedding:

  • all guests will receive enough attention;
  • the timing will be followed;
  • all the possible crises will be solved easily.  




Our goal is not only to help you choose professional contractors for your wedding, but also to make you forget about all the stresses and all the hard work during the planning and in the wedding day itself.


And there it is, the most important day in your life. You wake up in a bright, shiny morning in a cozy hotel. You have a cup of coffee, look at your gorgeous wedding dress and open the doors for the stylists, photographers, cameramen, and now everything revolves around you.


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