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- Installation of arch/ tent/ racks and other structures, pronouncing the location of the newlyweds at the time of the signing ceremony.

Usually, the choice of necessary props determined by the specific venue for the ceremony.

- Decoration of the aisle: very often people choose to use fabric, flower petals patterns or flower buds, arches with flowers, light garlands and spot lights, beads and flower thread fences.

- Decorations for the guest’s seats: it can be not only chairs, but benches. The use of ribbons, flowers, nameplates will complement the design, but you shouldn’t forget about the comfort of your guests too.

If the seats are wooden, don’t forget the pillows for more comfort. Usually the assemblage of all guests and the ceremony takes itself less than an hour, so try to take care of your relatives and friends beforehand. We don’t recommend to overload chairs with a décor which are beautiful in themselves, for example known to many as Chiavari. Often it is much cheaper just to rent these chairs than to invest in a décor of existing ones.

Floral arrangements used in the wedding ceremony is usually determined by the general design of the reception place and very often some elements are connected between two places. Depending on the location, on the basis of couple’s wishes and the site possibilities can be used additional elements of the décor: labels, tent, signs, wooden letters and words, extra lightning, floor vases with floral arrangements. The cost of decoration consists of the rent composite  (arch/ tent, vases, extra lightning, chairs, etc. ), floral arrangement and its quantity, additional elements of the décor.


As the wedding ceremony is unique and not repeated, it’s cost shall be calculated in each case individually.


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