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When my partner proposed to me I realised that, although I was 26, I did not have a vision for my wedding. My wonderful fiancé didn’t have any ideas for our special day either. So we decided to entrust the planning of our wedding to professionals. We met with several wedding companies but it wasn’t until we met The Wedding Stars that we knew we had found the perfect team: young, creative, fun but at the same time intelligent with a sense of tact and taste. We were instantly…

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A review for the Wedding Stars wedding agency

We are extremely grateful to Wedding Stars wedding agency! You turned our wedding day into an unforgettable fairy-tale!

I’m writing this and I almost feel like crying from happiness! But first things first.

We wanted their services when we got back from our honeymoon. We got married in the Dominican Republic, far from our relatives and friends. However, we wanted a church wedding in June, which we would celebrat…

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MARY AND ALEX 12.08.2014

Our wedding took place in June, 2014, and we are still grateful to The Wedding Stars wedding agency, their whole team and every particular person who worked with us.

We are really glad that we found you and used your help and support. It wasn’t just a day that we will remember for our whole lives, but we will also have a lot of great memories about your work.

I’d been in many agencies of our city before coming to Wedding Stars, but I hadn’t experienced ne…

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