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Wedding Date:   28 June 2014
Preparation:   9 months
Amount Of Guests:   60
Venue:   Niotan

Suggestion:   Everything has to be extraordinary!

A review for the Wedding Stars wedding agency

We are extremely grateful to Wedding Stars wedding agency! You turned our wedding day into an unforgettable fairy-tale!

I’m writing this and I almost feel like crying from happiness! But first things first.

We wanted their services when we got back from our honeymoon. We got married in the Dominican Republic, far from our relatives and friends. However, we wanted a church wedding in June, which we would celebrate in our hometown.

I was experienced enough to know that organizing it by ourselves would be hard. We didn’t even know where to start! You only need a beautiful picture and romantic mood to get married on an island, but this wedding would be absolutely different. Ab-so-lute-ly!!!

I learnt about this company quite a long time ago, and after we met them for the first time we realized that we perfectly understand each other. Hearty atmosphere, a cup of scented tea… I am a person who likes everything aesthetic, so I knew they were right for me!!!!

We went to take a look at the place where we were going to have our wedding right after the meeting, but our mood was absolutely different, it was superpositive! I realized that wedding preparations can be fun only after I met you guys!!

Four months of preparations and meeting new people.

These months weren’t a waste of time at all. One bright and shiny morning I woke up in a homely hotel, but I was incredibly worried until the Wedding Stars stuff arrived.

After all this time they felt like family to me. Those emotions are unspeakable!!!! Great atmosphere and joking around, that morning was magical! And there I am, with the most beautiful hairdo and make-up, putting on my gorgeous dress.

Despite the hot weather, a photo-shoot in the park was fun and natural. We completely forgot about posing and simply enjoyed our day! My great appreciation goes to photographers and camera men! They are a great team, they always work together. You couldn’t imagine how important that is! When we saw our love-story pictures, we were amazed!!! We cried from all the emotions)))))

Our day became unforgettable and fantastic – all because of you!! We couldn’t dream of anything more!!

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