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Wedding Date:   12.08.2014
Preparation:   4 months
Amount Of Guests:   55
Venue:   Restaurant "Bordo"

Suggestion:   We want our guests to feel relaxed, have fun and enjoy our wedding!

Our wedding took place in June, 2014, and we are still grateful to The Wedding Stars wedding agency, their whole team and every particular person who worked with us.

We are really glad that we found you and used your help and support. It wasn’t just a day that we will remember for our whole lives, but we will also have a lot of great memories about your work.

I’d been in many agencies of our city before coming to Wedding Stars, but I hadn’t experienced nearly as much enthusiasm as I experienced there. I did have some second thoughts and distrust, but we decided to trust the guys and we never looked back. I didn’t want a usual wedding, I didn’t even want the white dress, so we were sure that this exact company will help us with that.

I have never met any people who would love their job just as much. People, who are completely involved, who are with you in every second of preparations, who worry with you and cheer with you, from the very first meeting up to the last second of your wedding day.

The most important thing is to trust people, to know that they won’t let you down, that they will do everything they are capable of. The most important day in every person’s life must become a real joy and must be remembered for their whole life.

Thank you very much for your huge work, support, for your amazing ideas, for doing such a great job at our wedding, for friendly advice and deep conversations. Thank you for being with us all the time and thank you for making all of our dreams come true.

I’d like to thank everyone who worked at our wedding, to be exact – to thank all The Wedding Stars staff, because weddings aren’t born because of one person, but because of consistent work of the whole mechanism, which starts working from the moment of first meeting. And this work was neat and united.

Not only you know what you do, love what you do and fully engage in what you do, but you also became our friends, who are open to visits, who always talk to you and with whom you can spend some great time. I’m really glad that fate brought us to you and that you appeared in our lives.

We promise to follow your successes and we wish you to never stop, but to move forward despite all the difficulties and obstacles, to create more amazing projects and ideas. And of course, we wish you to never run out of clients, who still await of their best day ever. Create, amaze and grow.

We love you!


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