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Wedding Date:   31 May 2014
Preparation:   4 months
Amount Of Guests:   45
Venue:   Cuba Beach Club

Suggestion:   We are on one wave with you and trust your taste. We are ready for any offers and new ideas!

When my partner proposed to me I realised that, although I was 26, I did not have a vision for my wedding. My wonderful fiancé didn’t have any ideas for our special day either. So we decided to entrust the planning of our wedding to professionals. We met with several wedding companies but it wasn’t until we met The Wedding Stars that we knew we had found the perfect team: young, creative, fun but at the same time intelligent with a sense of tact and taste. We were instantly on the same page and we knew without a doubt that we could trust the planning of our wedding to The Wedding Stars.

The Wedding Stars team are wonderful, amazing people and true professionals! They are passionate about their work and have a sincere wish to create a fairytale for two hearts in love. With you guys, we won the jackpot! The Wedding Stars have a special talent for understanding the character of the couple and their desires without having to use words.

We didn’t have a clear idea about our wedding and it has been so easy to work with you! You understood everything in a moment. We know that we have been difficult to work with; we wanted everything to be fun but soulful and touching at the same time. We don’t know how you did it but it was just awesome!

I would compare The Wedding Stars with a Swiss watch: it has one coherent mechanism, where each “cog” works smoothly with the other and they are the professionals and experts in their field. At a glance the stylist determined that a berry colour palette would suit us best. With the phrase “Bright Lips!” began a development of the bride and groom’s looks and general style of the wedding. I will never forget how obsessively girls were picking every single detail of our look and also tolerating all our “I want – I don’t want”, “I like – I don’t like”. As a result, the look and style of our wedding reflected 100% on our inner world.

They selected the best of the best, brought all our desires to life and proved that nothing is impossible! They picked the best contractors, wedding venue, meals and entertainment for guests as well as seeing to the hundreds of tiny details behind the scenes of our fairytale. We only had to point at the choice we liked and it was done!

Surprisingly I wasn’t stressed before my wedding at all. People say it is typical for brides to be stressed before their wedding. Apparently these brides did not hire The Wedding Stars.

Thank you, The Wedding Stars, you created a true fairytale!

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