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Wedding Planning Franchise

Before you start reading,
please ask yourself the following three questions.

Is planning a wedding hard?
Can a wedding business be profitable?
Do you have some savings?

If you said «yes» to all these questions, you are welcome to read further.
If you said «no» - please don’t waste your time reading this page.

Straight to the point


  1. A girl who would like to be
    financially independent
  2. A couple who would like to run
    a family business
  3. A yesterday’s bride who was so into planning a wedding, that she would like to make a living out of it

You can start a business in wedding industry

10 reasons to open a wedding planning agency:

1. A quick start

You get your first clients almost right away after buying a franchise.

2. No need to invest a lot

Wedding planning agency is a business that provides services. It means that there is no need for you to buy goods, to solve problems with deliveries, transportation, unloading, storage and sales.

3. Keeping your risks to a minimum

It is very difficult to go bankrupt, since you don’t need a lot of money to open and run your business.

4. Short payback period

You buy some furniture for an office and a computer, after which you start working. First two deals will certainly pay these investments back.

5. Originality

Wedding planning market isn’t quite developed yet. However, there are more and more people every year who would like to entrust planning their wedding to a professional.

6. No need to hire a lot of stuff

Wedding planning agency cooperates with contractors and pays them piecework wages. This is why you don’t have to hire a lot of people.

7. A great way to earn your first serious money

A wedding planning agency gives you profit after just one year of work.

8. Meeting new people and networking

Wedding business helps you meet new people and network.

9. Positivity

Planning a wedding is one of the most pleasant ways to earn money. Nothing can compare to a bride who hugs and kisses you after her wedding.

10. Prestige

Running your own business is always better than being a top-manager in a corporation.

It does look very simple at first.

But there must be a few ‘giants’ of wedding industry in your town,
and competing with them alone is impossible.
This is why you will find our experience and groundwork useful

If you open a wedding planning franchise,

you are guaranteed to

  • Start quickly
    You get everything to start your business tomorrow
  • Learn some reliable business strategies
    Our experience will save you time
  • Gain trust from clients and contractors immediately
    An agency with a network of offices is respectable and serious
  • Get a famous brand
    You will definitely stand out in the market
  • Feel secure and calm
    You will feel confident in all kinds of situations
  • Get a popular modern website
    It will immediately lead clients to you
  • Get a portfolio
    You will attract customers by showing them some actual work

About the agency

The Wedding Stars is an international wedding planning agency.

The Wedding Stars specializes in planning weddings in Russia and in other countries.

The Wedding Stars’ motto is ‘Every girl deserves an amazing wedding’.

The Wedding Star’s style is bright, modern, conceptual and international.

Our clients are confident and tasteful young people with a good income, who choose great services and high quality.

TheWeddingStars.com is a powerful way to communicate with a client and it’s the agency’s trump card. We introduce all the newest technologies and keep the content up-to-date. Our website is flourishing, since it’s updated all the time.

The Wedding Stars’ team are friendly young professionals, who absolutely love what they do.

Benefits from purchasing the Wedding Stars franchise

1. Legal and economic independence

2. No royalty: you are the only person to control your income

3. Discounts on studying in the Wedding Stars Wedding School

4. One of the most reasonable franchising offers in Russian wedding industry

5. The franchiser controls and monitors your business activity, which helps you find and eliminate the potentially dangerous tendencies in your business


  • Franchise is a subject of a franchising agreement, which includes the right to use a firm’s brand, business model and other amenities necessary to open and run a business.
  • Franchiser is an owner of exclusive licence to use an idea, conception, brand and corporate style, who transfers these rights to the other company (franchisee) on a fee basis.
  • Franchisee is a company that concludes a franchising contract with a franchiser.

Franchising options


Basic franchising option
It includes:

  • Using our brand
  • Your own website
  • A full package of working documents
  • Wedding Stars Book (Company’s business book)

primary sources and special projects from headquarters


Business in a box
It includes:

  • Using our brand
  • Your own website
  • A full package of working documents
  • Wedding Stars Book (Company’s business book)
  • Consulting from company’s governing body

primary sources and special projects from headquarters

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