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Want to work!


If you like to be present in our catalogue, please prepare the information in the list below and sign up for a presentation by calling 0458 600 225. 

  1. Title of the rubric where you’d like to be present;
  2. Name of a good or a service that you present;
  3. Good’s or service’s exact price, discounts and bonuses for clients;
  4. Collect all the promotional photos and videos, text descriptions, brochures, catalogues et cetera, and conclude a written agreement with its authors about posting them on our website.

  • Description of the potential client’s needs. For instance, ‘this service will be great for anyone who would like to entertain their guests at the reception…’
  • A detailed list of specific services that are included in the offered service.
  • Description of the service for the third parties. For instance, ‘You’ll be fulfilled with positive emotions and your guests will thank you profoundly’.

Offers that do not include at least one of the items mentioned above will not be considered. International Wedding Agency The Wedding Stars has a right to decline any request to be presented in its catalogue without explanations.

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