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Let’s talk about lighting! Why lighting is so important at your wedding day?

Well, some couples pay attention to this vital detail, some couples don’t think about it at all and sure that the standard venue lights will “do”. But it won’t! I can’t emphasise enough to our clients how important it is to have the right lighting for their wedding. Most of the wedding venues has the lights, which will “dull down” the room or make it too bright. Believe me, it can put your guests in entirely the wrong mood for the night.

Lightening sets the tone or the vibe of the whole event, it can be used to instantly create a romantic, a fairy tale or party atmosphere. Also, it’s quite important to work with a professional lighting designer to help you assess all of these factors and design the perfect lighting to fit your event.


Nowadays you have so many lighting variants to choose from:


  •  For a limited budget I would advise to use string lights or simple pin spots. Pin spot is a miniature spot light on your centerpiece, cake, candy bar or other focal point. When room lights are dimmed, the effect is really dramatic and appears to make your centerpiece “pop”. Also, candles are very popular at the moment, romantic and inexpensive. They will definitely light up your wedding decor and warm the hearts of your guests with their soft and subtle glow.


  •  Brides can opt for a more exciting installation of area wash lighting. Wash lighting is a similar to area lighting, except it’s usually used with a certain color and the light is directed in a particular direction. For example, lighting up a lounge area in blue for the guys, and pink for the girls, or even lighting up an entire pool area for guests to know that they can enjoy the event around the pool as well. Wall design with Gobos can also give your event a special touch of unique decor.


  • Washes are perfect for tented weddings. The dramatic results can be breathtaking. Even without anything else in this tent, the beautiful vibrant orange lighting can create an incredible party atmosphere.


  • Light projectors with a different textures can be ideal for a dance area, and you could maximize your budget by keeping the cocktail and dinner lighting simple while spending a bit more to make the dance floor fantastic. Dance floors without addition lighting simply remind me of school parties.

If you don’t have the budget for a separate lighting package, look to the venue. Often, venues that specialize in weddings or events have some ability to customize the lighting in space.


The right lighting at a wedding reception not only sets a good mood, it provides a better atmosphere for a photographer and videographer to perfectly capture your day.

I can assure you, they will love it and it will make your photos look a lot better and more interesting…


…and I’ll say it again and again: the lighting at reception is extremely important. The lighting must be tasteful and neither too bright, or too dim. There are so many creative and beautiful ways to light a reception space.


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