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Along with summer vacation the wedding day is the second significant reason to lose weight and yes, it’s true – the bride on her wedding day becomes the centre of attention, all guest’s eyes will be on the beautiful bride and therefore strives to get the best look possible. To have an incentive for losing weight many girls even buy dresses 1-2 sizes smaller.




Certainly the bride should feel confident at the wedding as it is one of the most wonderful and remarkable days in her life. If you seem to have some figure flaws they can be corrected, but please remember that ‘correction’ does not mean you have to starve and to drink water only. Unwholesome diets will just take your strength and if you even lose weight as a result you will look exhausted and unhappy at the wedding, and you will gain back all your kilos after couple of weeks. However, you will shine with happiness at the wedding with decision to lose weight tastefully and in proper way. You should remember that your aim is to be healthy and happy and therefore confident at your wedding but not lean and miserable.



Firstly, I must notice that it is quite an extreme way of stimulating. It is not mostly about you will fail to get intended result and lose the dress of your dream; it is that you may lose weight and  the dress will fit you not that particular way you have imagined. I would recommend you to lose weight before you buy a dress; it means you should point a date of purchasing a dress and simply take it as a deadline of losing weight. Then you will try for size particularly that dress and know for sure the way it fits you. In this case, the fitting process will bring you only pleasure and nothing will spoil this day.



Also, we must admit that the main purpose is not losing weight itself but getting healthier. Your body and nature will just say thank you if you take care of it, refuse fast-food, sodas, fat and spicy food, drink more water and include fruits and vegetables in your diet. If your wedding takes place through a year, you should better not delay your preparation until the last two weeks. Regular exercise and right nutrition can help you to keep yourself in a shape without exhausting diets.


Everyone knows the wedding preparation process to be very stressful but you should not eat sweets to comfort yourself, it is better just to grab a bite of dried fruits instead. In spite of the fact, you will spend much time for the wedding planning it is better to follow the diet and sleep plan. Enjoy the sports which bring you pleasure and let yourself to relax after a hard working day, and light dinners for you both will give you more sweet moments together.


 Finally remember that you are beautiful anyway as he fell in love with you and made you a proposal for what you are – and that is why you should not appear at the wedding looking like just another person after all, maybe your groom even will not be able to recognise you. 


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