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Fashion Trends 2015

13 January 2015

Today the search for a bride’s wedding look can be eternal: dress, hairstyle, make-up, accessories and shoes.

How do you choose one perfect thing out of all the beauty? Our only advice is to search, try, experiment, and then your perfect wedding look will find you and show how beautiful you are.

Our team created a few gorgeous wedding looks for you.
Don’t be afraid to fantasize
Inspire yourself

Simple girls agreed to be our models, who weren’t afraid to try our wedding looks and coped perfectly!


Brightness, elegance and modern aristocracy.

For Ginny we chose a lace long-sleeved dress, which helped us make the look expressive, subtle and feminine. Long-sleeved wedding dresses are a serious trend in 2015, and a dress with long sleeves can become one of the most wonderful details in your wedding day. The Wedding Stars stylists recommend that you choose any kind of sleeves – long, ¾, bell-bottom or even lengthened, which would cover your wrists a little bit. There are a lot of options – the sleeves can be made of the same material as the bodice or from a different one. However, no matter what length or material you choose, you can be confident that your look is original and individual

Our whole team loves laced dresses. We’re sure you do too.

Laced dresses will never be out of fashion.

It’s a mysterious and flirty dress, which will make any bride look romantic, airy and mysterious. Both the whole dress and its parts can be laced.


In order to learn everything about laces let’s get back to the beginning of the 20th century, when laces were the most popular and gorgeous way to decorate your clothes. Long reserved dresses and richly laced long veil were especially popular. In the 30s, Chanel went on with this trend, parting the laces to elements and introducing edge piping and embroidered backs. In the 50s, Dior bravely introduced new trends – wide skirts and heavy taft (in a few years). By the way, the color of the laces was ivory. The color that is usually named ‘ivory’ today is not anything like in the 50s. Today few manufacturers can create the beige color without a single hint of yellow.

Remember that if you choose a laced wedding dress,

your look will indeed be graceful.

For this aristocratic look we have chosen bright make-up: light smoky eyes and cherry-colored lips. Bright lips are a great wedding trend, but our stylists consider that bright lipstick is only suitable for those with perfect skin. It’s the only way for bright lipstick not to look vulgar. Always take into account your skin color: cold colors (like fuchsia or cherry) for pale skin and warm colors (vermeil or orange) for tanned skin.

Many modern brides choose different accessories instead of a veil. For Ginny, we chose an elegant hairpin, which fitted the look perfectly.


Youth, romance and tenderness.

In order to highlight the romance, tenderness and innocence in Hanna’s look, we decided to go for a fascinating laced short dress with golden inserts.


Short wedding dresses aren’t a modern trend at all. The incredible Coco Chanel herself decided that the bride can freely change the length of her dress. In the 20s, wedding dresses became more plain and laconic, while the skirts raised up to the knees. Short wedding dresses became especially popular in the 60s – brides’ midies turned into ingenious minies. They remained fashionable in 70s, but in the 80s long and gorgeous wedding dresses came back to power again, dislodging their shorter friends.

In the last two years quite a few short wedding dresses were presented in fashion collections. Mostly these are elegant and sexy or plain-on-purpose models. Designers use different tricks to make a short, simple and plain dress more gorgeous than a long dress. The top of wedding mini-dresses is decorated by laces, embroidery, marbles, sparkles and even jewelry. The skirts are either straight or classic, or fluffy, reminding of flowers. One of the interesting options is a short skirt with a long train. Versace, Valentino and other famous brands offer a gorgeous combination of a short dress and a long veil, which creates a stylish, modern and sexy look of a romantic bride.

Mini-dress is a unique way to make your wedding dress’ life longer, because the classic wedding dress is a center of attention only once, and then it remains in the wardrobe forever.

If you prefer bright accessories, a plain white dress is a perfect background for those.

In Hanna’s case we introduced a light and shiny make-up: green eye shadows, light pink lip gloss and some rouge. Our model’s eyelashes are amazing, so we only needed a mascara.

In order to finish the romantic and fun look, we curled the model’s hair and added a gypsophilia wreath. This wreath is quite solid, so it will last for the whole wedding day. If you want to dry the wreath after wedding, use some hairspray. Gypsophilia is a special flower, so it’s perfect for tender and magical weddings.

We are really glad that feminine and natural looks are getting more and more trendy. Plain or braided hair and a wreath instead of complicated hairstyles with a lot of hairspray and bobby pins. Big wreaths will be suitable for girls who want to highlight their face features. This wreath will attract a lot of attention, so the dress and accessories should be plain. Another trend is expressed asymmetry and cascade, lengthening some part of the wreath. This wreath will be suitable not only for those with long hair, but also for those with short and stylish haircuts. For short haircuts we’d recommend small flowers and a thin rim with a small asymmetric group of flowers. 


Modern East, incredible brightness and mysteriouse. 

beaustiful Saule tried on a breathtaking A-dress with an open decollate. Looks like we were right about this one – she liked the dress so much that she agreed to purchase it for her wedding next year. What a finding!


French designer Christiane Dior was the first to use this word in his new 1955 spring collection. The key element of the ‘A-silhouette’ collection was a bell bottomed jacket which reached the fingertips. Under the jacket there was long dress with a plaited skirt. This combination was so fresh and new, that the Parisians loved it, and it became the most popular silhouette in Paris. A-dresses remained popular up to the 70s. After that, in the 80s this tendency almost disappeared in order to get back in the 90s. By that time everyone named ‘A-silhouette’ any dress that broadened around the hips. The ‘true’ A-lines by Dior and Ives Saint-Laurent revived in 2000. This model is becoming more and more popular every year.

The important advantage of this shape is the way it’s suitable for anyone. The classic lines are good for any bride. A-dresses differ from others, since its tight top and broad bottom makes any girl slimmer.

This option is classic – it’s impossible to look bad wearing an A-dress.

You won’t lower your shoulders and feel shy. Your back is supported by the quality material. Standing in an A-dress is really comfortable and easy.

The look we chose for Saule is very complicated and detailed. In order to create the perfect eastern make-up, it’s necessary to choose the colors precisely. In the eastern make-up different eye shadows are mixed, so choosing only one color is not recommended. Remember that all lines in a beautiful eastern girl’s make-up are directed upwards from the face center, and this rule applies to eyeshades, lipstick, lip gloss, rouge or eyebrows. Don’t forget about the other basic rule of this make-up – a perfect, shining and flawless skin color. The other important moment are the eyebrows. An eastern princess must have bright, perfectly shaped, dark and thick eyebrows. It’s best to go for the middle thickness and remember that eastern eyebrows are getting longer towards the temples,

Although thick black eyeliner is not generally used in wedding make-up, it’s hard to go without it while creating an eastern look, which is why we used it in our model’s make-up. In order to highlight the bride’s beautiful brown eyes, our stylist used blue, brown and golden eye shadows, and light pink lip gloss.

In this wedding the hairstyle can’t do without bright accessories and jewelry, which is why we chose an eastern pearl pendant, quite mysterious and enriching.

Dear brides. Find your perfect look.

Be brave. Experiment.

The Wedding Stars team will help you.

Our goal is not only to create a beautiful photoshoot, but also to show brides that in this important and unforgettable day one should and must reveal their own look, and not to be afraid of unusual and even extraordinary ideas.


Background and wedding dresses were gratefully presented by Luxe salon.

Make-up, photoshoot, flowers by The Wedding Stars.

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