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Planning the perfect wedding is all about the details, from the color palette and theme you choose to the number of layers in your cake. Weddings don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful.

The “style” of your wedding is a key element.

We believe that every single bride deserves to have a stunning, well-organized, stress free wedding planning process.

This is a very typical scenario of wedding planning:


You are ENGAGED! How exciting!

You feel absolutely fantastic and start to buy every single magazine out there and become overwhelmed with the prospect of all colors, ideas and other choices. You start to spend hours and hours on Pinterest…Hey, do you really want to spend your precious time on that? I like Pinterest, its wealth of inspiration and ideas that couples have to draw from. However, it can turn into a curse when it comes time to narrow the focus and put together a cohesive event that truly reflects couple’s personality.


The process has started.

All your family, lovely friends, cousins and aunties are very interested. They all want to be helpful for you with their ideas and suggestion how your big day should look like. Every single person you meet knows when will be your wedding, how many bridesmaids you have and of course the color.



But, for some reason mum thinks that your favorite narcissuses don’t look very nice and we should choose light pink roses… Why your bridesmaids think that they can pick out their dresses? Also, I don’t want to use my dad’s friends “vintage car”. Well, another food for thoughts.


And here comes a wedding wall.

You think you have plenty of time for everything, the wedding is a month away. You and your fiance are pretty sure that things will all work out. You just need a little break from the planning for a couple of weeks…couple of weeks…


And here we go “Oh my God! The wedding is almost here!”.

You start to panic and stress that there’s not enough time to individually stamp all napkins, you think that the wedding should be fine without your tango dance (which you really wanted at the beginning of planning) and you don’t have time to create a candy bar of your dreams.


Doesn’t sound very exciting, is it?.
Do you really want that???


You NEED a planner if:


  •  you are a modern and busy bride – you have a full-time job, an active social life and friends all across the country or state. You care about aesthetics and feel of your wedding, but may not have time to spend every weeknight and weekend in planning it;


  • you want to reflect your fabulous style and taste. You want to IMPRESS your guests!;


  • you want to relax and enjoy with your wedding planning process;


  •  you don’t want your bridesmaids to turn up in dresses with a deep cleavage;           


  • you don’t want to get and handle surprises like a cake which didn’t arrive on time, a wedding car which has been disappearing somewhere, a marriage celebrant who is sick and etc;


  •  you don’t want to look for a best man/ maid of honor/ mum/ sister/ whoever, people are late getting their hair and makeup done and most importantly, they are not spending enough time with you, the BRIDE;


  • you are a bride, you don’t want to be a point person for issues and questions that will inevitably arise during your big day;


  • you want to save money. Yes, that’s right. A wedding planner can actually save you money by negotiating with suppliers to reduce your costs.


Planning a wedding is a huge task for everyone to take on and it’s something that needs dedicated time over a number of months in order to ensure the exceeding of expectation. At some point, you may simply conclude that it’s a necessity rather than a luxury.


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