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Why us?

Our values

A huge team of wedding enthusiasts is behind the International Wedding Company "The Wedding Stars" brand. They are creative. Experienced. Reliable. And confident that every wedding is a piece of art.

We always follow our values and principles in our work.




When my partner proposed to me I realised that, although I was 26, I did not have a vision for my wedding. My wonderful fiancé didn’t have any ideas for our special day either. ...


A review for the Wedding Stars wedding agency We are extremely grateful to Wedding Stars wedding agency! You turned our wedding day into an unforgettable fairy-tale! I’m writing ...



The Wedding Stars' Concept

  • We only organise weddings
    Birthdays and corporate events are fun, really, but it’s just not for us. We don’t work at anything except weddings.
  • We always achieve high-quality results
    If we are not sure that we can organize a wedding in compliance with our standards, we don’t do it. We know how to say ‘no’!
  • We only think about the client’s convenience
    Our working hours are flexible. We like challenging tasks. We treat every customer individually, no matter how old this sounds.
  • We love our jobs
    Every Wedding Stars employee is proud to be one. Working for The Wedding Stars is cool!
  • We always move forward
    New offers of clients. New business branches. New projects. We are always open to everything 'New'.
  • We know everything about weddings
    Every employee knows everything about their job. Absolutely and entirely everything.
  • We are a team
    We create our own ‘stars’! Our skeleton staff are exclusives who only work in The Wedding Stars.
  • We create trends
    We have our own vision. We have our own methods. We have our own groundwork. We don’t copy anyone. We create trends.
  • We are ambitious and brave
    We will open our offices all over the world soon. Napoleon would be proud of our plans. This world will be ours!
  • Our motto
    "Every girl deserves a perfect wedding!"

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Phone: +61 458 600 225, e-mail: home@theweddingstars.com
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